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Another replication (to tape) mess - successful but invisible backups

Thread needs solution
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Well, I got a replication job, which replicates backups from a storage location on the management servers disk. In this case to the monthly tape set, which is fed a fresh empty tape each month.

Replication of the new, full backups completes, says all is fine. Space consumption on tape seems to confirm that all VM backups and the two volume backups for the Hyper-V hosts from two storage locations are on tape.

Also the details in the activity log indicate that there is no problem:

09:58:13 — 11:59:49

Copying backup 'SERVER07-YYYYYYY-7794-4C68-8142-ZZZZZZZZZ-3F3025E5-B179-4AD4-8E83-XXXXXXXX'



Started by:

Start time:
Feb 06, 2021, 09:58:13

Finish time:
Feb 06, 2021, 11:59:49

2 hrs, 1 min

The same success message was given for todays replication of each of the backups in the involved storage locations.

But if I check the content of the tape (either from Backup Storage or from Settings/Tape management/Tape pools) all I see are the two Hyper-V host volume backups, but not the VMs. The same is already true for February backups, as I just verified. The January backups are missing for all the servers on the other Hyper-V hosts on that months tape (without being able to have it inserted and rescanned now. Some of the older backups are listed in storage pool, but without last change value and with a size, but with original data size 0 byte.

Scanning the current tape again does not change, what is shown.

Retrying the replication gives an internal error (backup with guid xxx is already included in the current backup chain,) This should really not be an error, but an information, btw. - and we should be able to replace what is on tape or skip identical stuff in options. But there is no tape options in replication plan settings at all.

So there is no way to verify or beware, recover stuff from the tape just now!

In about 30 years in IT I have never experienced such a continuous trouble with Backup handling like with Acronis Backup. Either I am to old for this stuff or this software is not capable of anything but the most basic configurations, as soon as it comes to swapped removable media. This is not, what our customers have paid for. :(

With greetings from Germany

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Hello Olaf ,

I see you've faced several issues with the replication feature and by the looks of it the issues you experience require attention of Acronis engineers. Have you already opened support tickets for the reported issues? Would you mind sharing the ticket IDs here, so that we can follow the investigation progress?

If not, I'd strongly recommend contacting support in order to properly investigate and solve all the reported issues. Please let me know if you need any assistance with raising the tickets.