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Second Location to storage backups in a Protection Plan

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I have a doubt. My Acronis Management Server manages 2 storage nodes:

image 298

I want to make a Backup Plan to store backups in just one storage node (D for example). So that when storage node D fills up, the backups are automatically stored in the other storage node. 
So I configured a second location and added storage node E.

image 299

But I'm not sure if the action I commented will happen with the second location. Is it the behaviour of second location for a Backup Protection Plan? Or if not, what is it?
And how I can achive the goal of storing backups in one storage and once it's full the backups will be stored in the other storage?
Can someone help me answer my question please?

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Hello Olenka,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

The automatic backup location change option is not available in Acronis Cyber Protect.

We recommend setting retention rules.

Retention rules allow you to limit the backup archive size and set the lifetime for backups. This way you can ensure that backups do not fill up all the available storage space. Retention scheme depends on the backup scheme.

Please note that the retention rules are effective if the archive contains more than one backup. The last backup in the archive will be kept even if a retention rule violation is detected. The retention rules logic assumes that the storage device capacity is much more than the average backup size and the maximum archive size does not come close to the physical storage capacity, but leaves a reasonable reserve (e.g. if average backup size is 95GB, do not store it on 100GB hard drive). Due to this, exceeding the archive size that may occur between the cleanup task runs will not be critical for the business process.