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Acronis Cyber Cloud - cannot add Wasabi Storage trough Acronis Cyber Infrastructure

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I am searching through the whole Internet to find the right HowTo.

I have found several HowTos but i have read at the Acronis Page that the Acronis Storage ( Backup Gateway ) is EOL , i event cannot find where to download.

So i have set up an Acronis Cyber Infrastructe Server, configured the Storage as zero Redudance ( for Cache Files ) and have tried to setup the Wasabi Storage wizard.

It works until i add my Cloud Credentials, i  have got this error .

user 'LOGINNAME' is not allowed to register/unregister storages Error details provided by PlatformAccountServer: It is prohibited to register infra component with capabilities 1 in Customer tenant


I have tried several FIXes from the Acronis Knowelage Base !

is it not possible to add an Wasabi Storage to Acronis Cloud Dashboard.

Maybe it is only possible to add it to the AMS ?

 i never have read about such an issue !

Here are some HowTos


maybe someone has an idea 

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Are you trying to register the Acronis Cyber Infrastructure server to a "Customer" account? This is not possible I'm afraid, you can only add it to a "Partner" account.