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Acronis Support is terrible

Thread needs solution
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Anyone else has to deal with Liga Support instead of Acronis? And our account manager doesn't answer phone/emails either.

We have only had issues with Acronis these last couple of weeks and have started looking to alternatives.
Any suggestions? Veeam?

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Sorry to hear that. I wasn't happy when they dropped the ABGW backup storage…

that could easily be run on a CentOS 7. They replaced it with Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, but that is overkill for smaller setups.

I guess they wanted those with smaller setups to host data in their Acronis datacentre rather than locally.

But other than that, I'd say their support is good. I'm backing up Linux servers with them.

Are you backing up Linux or Windows with them?

I notice some customers who are not happy with Acronis seem to be more Windows customers than Linux customers.

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Hello Morris M,

sorry to know about your negative experience! Would you mind sharing more details in PM (ticket ID and the name of your account manager), so that we can look into the situation?

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In our main location we have around 9 nodes in the cluster. We also changed it from Encoding 3 + 2 to Encoding 7 +2 and we mainly backup linux servers.

I was happy with fast response from Acronis before. But then they changed and we had to do support with another company "". After that it has just began falling apart.

Before I remember Acronis and account manager called me several times a year, now I can't remember last time they did that.

Our account manager i Mirela. I have tried sending you a PM before, but you didn't respond to that Ekaterina.


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Where are you based Morris M ? Maybe it's a distributor agreement for your country specifically?