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Acronis WHMCS module fury

Thread needs solution
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I am trying to install Acronis WHMCS module, I currently do not have the Previous installation. But while activating getting this weired error:

Cannot upgrade products and services. Error: Direct upgrade from the current version 0.0.0-0 to the new version 2.6.0-375 is not supported. Please upgrade the module to the version 1.0.0-177 first.

It says Direct Upgrade from current version 0-0-0-0 .

Any help on resolving the issue?



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Hi Andrews Salisbury

Did you ever have the Acronis WHMCS module installed in the past? If so, there way be some leftover tables in your database that are causing this.

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Yes, I  do had, but I sanitized all the tables of whmcs with Acronis existence. But still struckup. any developers could point out this check causing prevention of installltion.

Acronis engineer
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Hello Andrews,

It looks like WHMCS still detects old portions of the Acronis module.

Old module version pointed in the error as valid for upgrade scenario can be downloaded from here:

But if you intended and went for a clean installation in first place, you should check again what can be cleaned up before directly installing and configuring the latest module version which won't require the upgrade step by going through that legacy version 1 build. Please, check all the uninstalling instructions at:…

With focus on:…

This is the final step for cleaning up any leftovers of the module from folder structure and WHMCS database.

Then go for a fresh install of v2.6.0-375 again. If still failing please raise a Support ticket, to be further assisted.

Thank you.

Acronis Support
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Dear Andrews Salisbury,
Please let us know was your problem that you presented here resolved if yes, what helped you?

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Yes, I need to search deeply the entire whmcs databse and after thorough sanitisation it worked.