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Agent on Azure Linux VM with Secure Boot

Thread needs solution
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I am trying to get the CyberProtect agent installed on an Ubuntu 20.04 VM inside a customer's Azure environment.

The agent installs, but warns me at the end that I need to enroll the MOK certificate due to SecureBoot running..

After a bit of digging, I can see that the enrollment certificate is there, but when I reboot the instance I have no way of accessing the shim uefi key management menu that's displayed at boot, obviously I can't see this on the Azure instance..

Does this mean I can't use CyberProtect on a cloud machine running SecureBoot??

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Support Engineer
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Hi Chris. 

This appears like it needs a bit more investigation. 

Please open a case with our support team and someone will be happy to investigate and provide a solution. 

Thank you for your time.