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Allow customers to view their own quota

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We utilize Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud backups for our customers. When in the admin console, clicking on a user under the clients section shows their user's used space AND quota.

From the client's portal, there appears to be no way to access a section of the portal that shows the user both their used space, and quota. The user can only see utilized space under the backup storage tab.

We recently had a user who used up all their space because they were unable to find what their quota was. Is there any way from the admin console to allow the user to see their quota from the portal?


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Hello Justin,

Thank you for sharing your question in the Forum.

All end-customers can access their account in the Management Console by clicking the Manage Account button on the upper left corner, check screenshot "Manage Account.png". Customers will be redirected directed on the Usage section for their accounts from where they can see all used and available quotas and storage usage.

They could then switch back to the Backup Console by clicking the Manage service button "Back to Backup Console" from the Management Console.

Hope that helps.

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