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Better View of Multiple Protection Plans Statuses

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This would be a feature request.  Currently I have two jobs per server.  Cloud backup and backup to disk.  In order to see when each one completed last and any stats, I have to click on the server, go to activity, and sift through the data and figure out how they are running.  In order to sleep better at night I need a quick and easy way to make sure that cloud backup has completed successfully and I'm not just seeing my backup to disk as being completed.

My suggestion would be to put a plus sign next to each server so you can expand the agents out.  Once expanded you will see all of your protection plans you have applied.  Next to that you will have the status, last backup date, average run time and an average success percentage ratio.  Feel free to add any more data in there you find will be helpful but these are just a few I thought of.  

So to see how things are going, I would scroll down though my servers expand, glance at the two protection jobs and determine if action is needed very quickly. 

Attached is an example of what I had in mind.

Thank you


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I totally agree with Luke.

Even though there are nice ways to check the backup-statuses in the Dashboard view, I also find myself using the "devices" screen mainly. I too would vote for such a representation of each separate plan for the device listed.