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Can't install SnapAPI Module

Thread needs solution
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I am trying to install a Cyber Protect Agent on a debian 11 server but i am blocked at the installation step. The Installation software is telling me that he can't install the snapapi26 file module. I tried to follow your steps on the documentation and tried with 2 other kernels version, reinstalled the kernel headers and image packages without any success.

Here is the tutoriel i followed on my computer :

I'm receiving this message when i'm trying to install the agent : 

Failed to build the SnapAPI kernel module. Operations with disk-level backups will not be available.

Is it possible to confirm if Debian 11 is compatible with Acronis CyberProtect ?

Alexandre Chaillet

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Support Engineer
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Hi Alexandre

This appears to be unexpected behavior of the product. 

Please open a case with our support team so that an investigation can be performed and we will be able to provide a resolution.