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cPanel/Plesk and 2FA

Thread needs solution
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The current docs for installing the cPanel and Plesk plugins say that if the Acronis user account uses 2FA then you need to install using a registration token, but as we know this now doesn't work and any servers that used registration tokens with Plesk/cPanel had to be re-logged in with a username and password, but 2FA blocks this.

The docs are inconsistent with each other.

What is the plan with regards to 2FA and cPanel/Plesk? This is a must have feature to pass any sort of compliance.



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Acronis Support
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Dear Karl Austin,
Thank you for reaching out. We have forwarded your question to a dedicated support engineer who will review and respond soon.

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Is there already a solution for this? I think i have the same problem.
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Hello Thomas,

thank you for your posting! Here is an update on the raised topic: 

Due to the security improvements introduced in the C22.07 release it's necessary to generate a service user. In order to register the agent please provide credentials to the Acronis account under which the protection agent is registered in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud as described in the article:

The accounts with the enabled 2FA cannot be used with the WHM user interface and script. 

Also, we are planning to introduce the new mechanism to simplify the authentication procedure. The ID of the fix: CI-20591 which should be released with cPanel 1.7 update, but no ETA at the moment.

Please let me know, if there are any questions.