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Device Group missing

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I have synchronised my Tenant with Cyber Protect and I want to configure the backup of user group but the group is not in the list. I have many other groups in the list, but not the one I need. 

I tried to create 2 new groups (Security and 365) but they aldo don't showing up in the list...

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Hey Maricl

Hope you are doing great today. I believe that you added a M365 company to the cyber protection console, but a group (and 2 new groups) are missing from the listing, correct?

If thats the case, have a look at the following article to troubleshoot (KB mentions for sharepoint, but the root cause is the same)->

Also, for newly added components like the 2 new groups mentioned, you can sync manually to apply the changes right away, instead of waiting 24hs for the automatic update ->…


If after following these steps, the issue persists, upload a ticket to our support team and we will gladly help you to investigate further.