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Does Acronis Cloud Backup backup EVERYTHING relating to a 365 group?

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So, if I create a backup of Teams, Onedrive, Sharepoint and 365 mailbox all targetting the same 365 group behind those areas, will it backup EVERYTHING relating to that groups? All files, Teams chats, private channels/teams, shared files permissions to internal and external users? Is there anything I will find missing after a restore from a catastrophic failure?

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Hi David, 

This is the full list of items that will be backed up using the cloud to cloud agent. 

  • Exchange Online: user, shared, and group mailboxes; public folders
  • OneDrive: user files and folders
  • SharePoint Online: classic site collections, group (team) sites, communication sites, individual data items
  • Microsoft 365 Teams: entire teams, team channels, channel files, team mailboxes, files and email messages in team mailboxes, meetings, team sites

    Thank you for your time,