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Exclude Users from 365 backups & other questions.

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Our 365 CSP recommended Acronis to us and after setting up has been next to useless in helping is with the backup solution. I have a few questions.

1. We have a 365 tenancy that is being backed up into the Acronis Cloud, currently the backup is set at a group level. However we have several mailboxes which we don't need backing up, how can i exclude these users from the backup without having to go down the painful route of implementing individual backup plans for each user and ignoring users who i don't want backing up? Currently its a waste of a license.

2. If above isn't possible, is there a way of not importing the 365 user into Acronis in the first place.


3. When a 365 user leaves, we need to export the Acronis backup to on site storage, and then we can delete the user and free up a license, how can we do this?

4. When a user leaves, how do we remove a user from Acronis, or do we need to delete the user from the 365 end?

5. If we do delete a user from the 365 end, what happens to the backups in Acronis, do they get deleted or are they kept for the duration of the retention period?


Sorry, quite a few questions here i know.


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Hello Nav, 

For questions 1 and 2 please refer to our user guide on all the available options to backup o365 data with the product -…

3. Recover the data to your on site storage using the following guide -… and then from the backup console remove the user who is no longer needed from the backup plan. 

4. If you remove the user from 365 end, modify the backup plan to exclude it and delete the archive the user will be completely removed. 

5. Backup will be kept for the duration of the retention period. 

If you have any further questions in regards to this please open a support ticket as per . 

Thank you for your time. 

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As we bought it from a reseller and its managed by them i dont know what the license keys are.

For 1 & 2, doesnt explain if its possible to exclude a user mailbox from a 365 backup or not.

For 3 - doesnt answer the question, we want to export all data held for a 365 user or has left the company to an onsite location, like a PST file or similar, that we can store on a NAS drive or somewhere similar and can browse it locally if required. Also I dont have an option to delete a 365 user from within Acronis.

For 4 - my backup plan doesnt have an option to exclude a user.


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Good day Nav,


On point 1 - The only way to specifically only backup specific user mailboxes is to drill down to "All users" and then select the users you would like to backup. An alternative would be to backup specific "Groups". If no backup plan is applied to a user then it will not consume a license

On point 2 - Acronis is linked with the O365 tenant so all mailboxes in the tenant will be linked with Acronis and will be visible in the console

On point 3 - You can recover the entire mailbox or email messages to cross-user and cross-organization or restore to a custom folder

On point 4 - As per point 1, if you remove the backup plan from the user and NO backup plan is present for that user then a license will not be consumed

On point 5 - If a user is deleted in O365 it will not remove the backup from Acronis, only when you physically remove the backed up data for that user from Acronis will it delete that specific users data.

I hope this helps,