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I switched from True Images in Dec 2021 so we could add another computer to this back up system. Things are not running smoothly and I'm hoping this forum will help me figure it out. 

After it makes 6 backups, I have to delete the old ones. Often this will not allow me to do so, giving me a "it's open in COM surrogate" error message. I haven't figured out how to resolve this.

When I need to delete old backups, I used to be able to highlight several and delete at once. This program has not allowed that. In doing this one at a time, I inadvertedly make an error and delete the wrong one. When that happens, the system won't continue the backups if they aren't in sequence. So, I delete them all and sometimes that does the trick and sometimes it doesn't. I haven't figured out when it will and when it won't. 

Any help with these issues would be awesome. I'd like to resolve this. Many thanks in advance!



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Hi Marci, 

Please open a case with our support team and we will happily investigate and assist.

Thank you for your time.