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How to restore MacOS device to VMWare ESXi (running on Mac Hardware)

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Hi all

I'm in need of your help. We're currently evaluation Acronis Cyber Protect and are testing its capabilities for our clients using Apple products.

Where I'm struggling is to restore a backup of a physical iMac to a VMware ESXi host (5.1). The host is running on a MacMini, due to Apples terms of use.

We've create a virtual appliance agent and connected it to the Acronis Cloud (though this seems not to be necessary for the restore).
Next, we've created an empty VM to boot the Acronis Boot Image from. Connecting it to the Acronis Cloud, we can see all the backups, choose any of the iMac backups and chose to restore as disk.

The restore process only takes a few seconds and ends with "Succeeded with warnings", however nothing is restored:

"Failed to open the root directory of the original operating system"

Tried various different backups incl. the initial fullbackup of the machine.


Does anyone of you have an idea on how to do this recovery correctly?


Thank you in advance!

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Hello Mischa,

thank you for your posting! I've discussed the issue with my colleagues from the support team and looks like the issue would need the more in-depth investigation, which is not possible on forum. Please submit a support ticket as described by the following link: