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Mobile Phone Backup restore not possible in the portal

Thread needs solution
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A customer does backup his mobile phone with Acronis. The backup works, and he can restore it over the app on his mobile phone. But if he want to restore something in the portal (, then he get the following error message:

Cannot access the mobile backup: either you have no access rights, or the backup was removed.

Is this a bug, or is there really a special access right needed to restore? Restores for his Windows workstation are working over the portal, only mobile restore not.


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Hello Michael,

thank you for your posting! Normally, this message is shown when a user is logged in to the Cyber Protect web console with a wrong account. Only the owner of a device has access to backups of this device. You can check the account used to create a backup in the details of a backup plan

image 721

If the account corresponds to the one shown in the backup plan details, I'd recommend raising a support ticket for this issue.

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Hi Ekaterina


It looks like when the user has the "company admin" rights, then it works. With "read-only admin" rights it does not work. For me this looks like a bug.




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Hi Michael, 

Thank you for the feedback.

Mobile backups are only accessible to the user that created the backup, this is by design, see below document:…?


  • The data backed up from mobile devices registered under your account is available only under this account. Nobody else can view or recover your data.

Since mobile backups are only accessible to the user the device is registered to, a read-only role will be insufficient to recover data, see role description below:

Read-only administrator The role provides read-only access to all objects of the Cyber Protection service. Such users can access data of other users of the organization in the read-only mode.

I'd recommend opening a support case with reference to this forum thread as the restore from the app works, and we'll be happy to review further.

Thank you!