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MSP Pricing 400% higher on Acronis Cloud Storage compared to Acronis retail pricing

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What cloud storage services are fellow MSPs using for their clients/customers.
Have you noticed that a consumer can purchase Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office - Premium (which includes 1TB Acronis Cloud Storage) for $124.99/year

Compare that with our MSP COST of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Workstation ~$40/year + 1TB Acronis Cloud Storage ~$40/month

Doing the math (and assuming CPHO-Premium has a value of ~$50/year even as a lesser product compared to CPCW) and you're looking at a rough difference of $400 more per year for an MSP to sell CPCW vs a customer/consumer who can get the same level of protection using CPHO-Premium.

Shouldn't there be a fair playing field for our customers who have 1-5 computers. Especially when we (as MSPs) would be the ones providing the tech support and management of the product? The only thing missing from CPHO-Premium (compared to CPCW) is 1) continuous data protection and 2) distributed management of machines through a portal that is MSP controlled.

My talks with Acronis so far have only been met with 2 responses:
1. "Check the pricing of our competitors" and see that Acronis has comparable prices.
2. The customer is paying a higher price because they are benefitting from having you (the MSP) as their expert knowledge source.

The problem with response 1 is that I'm not comparing competitors, I'm comparing fairness of manufacturer pricing to reseller pricing.
As for response 2, if we (as the MSP) are the expert, the tech support, and taking this burden off of the shoulders of Acronis, then we should benefit.

My proposed resolution (if I can get anyone on the phone -- since signing up for my MSP account and being a customer for over 10 years, seems like I cannot reach anyone on the phone except tech support) is to have a lower priced cloud storage (per GB) for customers/clients/tenants who have fewer than 5 computers and no servers in their Acronis profile.
Does this see like an agreeable compromise and do you think you would be able to bring on more customers if that was the case?

Please share your thoughts!!


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We've raised the issue before as well.  The general response was (and I'm paraphrasing here), "Use your own storage then".