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Office 365 Backups to Cloud - Scheduling

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So I have My tenant backing up : Teams , Sharepoint , OneDrive , and Email 

1 Plan for each - But it looks like the default schedule only lets you select Daily, and it just chooses when.

Is there a way to pause the Backups , or edit the schedule to once a week? 

these 120 plus backups process all day , and I need to be able to set a time , they are killing my clients remote vpn workers bandwidth , and disconnecting some depending on the backup.



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Hi Dennis!

Please open a case with our support team with the affected cloud login and we will happily look into the situation.

The O365 backup agent that doesn't allow rescheduling is the cloud-to-cloud agent, so it should not be interacting with the client's network, so we will need to look into this further.

Thank you.