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Physical DATA shipping issues

Thread needs solution
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I have somes issues since the new version especially about the physical data shipping. I simply can't do this anymore... When i try to create a new plan and activate the PDS i have an error of quota. After somes research i tried to apply or not the profil server and doesn't change anything... 

the error msg: The protection plan cannot be applied or updated for SRV... as the assigned quota does not allow the following functionality:

You can disable the modules with unsupported functionality to continue using the protection plan. To change the quota manually, select the device and then go to Details → Service quota.

It's like i can't have access to the PDS option anymore... try to find a place to activate it but can't see it in the manage account > services

Anyone with this particular issue? 

Thx !

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Acronis engineer
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Hello Quentin,

I would suggest you opening a Support case as it requires deeper investigation. There are similar issue with Physical Data Shipping but we should check the issue specifically for your account. It might be similar to others but caused by different root cause.

Please, open a Support case, provide your user account name and DC and our Support engineers will investigate it.

Thank you.