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Problems with M365 Sharepoint site and Teams backup

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I´ve several problems with Acronis M365 Sharepoint sites & Teams backups:

1) I´m not able to include Teams backup via Management/Cloud applications backup/Create plan

When I´m trying to create a new backup plan I select: WHAT TO BACK UP -> Microsoft Teams and then I cannot add any device under DEVICES because there is nothing shown. The same situation is under the DEVICES tab. I´m only able to see: Groups, Public Folders, Site collections and User but nothing about Teams.


2) I´ve created a backup plan which includes the following devices: Groups/All groups and Site collections/All Site Collections. This works but not all data is included. I´ve Top level sites without sublevel sites and they are in the backup. But for Sharepoint top level sites that include sub level site only the sub level sites are added to the backup and the top level sites are ignored and also not shown under devices.


Thanks in advance




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Hi Gerald, 

Please open a support ticket and specify the cloud login name for the impacted customer and we will happily assist with getting the backups set up.