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Production line server Backup

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I have a linx Redhat server  in production and I'm trying to protect the server with  Acronis Cyberprotect DR. The internet speed on site is relatively not that good which means that I couldn't Schedule the Backup outside working hours and the Backing up to cloud is taking so much time (days) so my questions s are:

1- is the fact that I'm running backup during working hours and the data is constantly updated in the server slows down the operation?

2- is the backup going to hold the new daily updates to the data in the server or it will hold to the first status of day one data

3- Now I’ve reached 89% of device backup and in the activates tab it says that "backing up virtual disks 100% less than one minute left" so I’m not sure which number is correct?

I've tried to turn off all sorts of protection such as antivirus, URL and malware to speed up operation still it is not making that much of a difference.

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Hello Alaa Adnan,

I would suggest you opening a Support case as it requires deeper investigation, collection of system information logs and read-only access to your Backup Console from a Support engineer. We should check the issue specifically for your account. It might be similar to others but caused by different root cause.

Please, open a Support case, provide your Acronis Cyber Cloud account login name, DC of your account, affected tenant group, affected machine, and our Support engineers will investigate it.

Thank you.