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receiving /usr/lib/Acronis/Schedule/schedwrapper: not found" error after upgrading Agent to version 15.0.26822

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We are using Acronis Backup provided by IONOS. After upgrading the Agent version (15.0.26822) on our hosted linux server from the backup web administration panel (there were an alert asking to update it), we started to receive email whose subject is "Cron <root@main> /usr/lib/Acronis/Schedule/schedwrapper -m cron -i 1" (the final number is varyng) and the following content:

/bin/sh: 1: /usr/lib/Acronis/Schedule/schedwrapper: not found

There is already a discussion about this error, but our purpose is not to stop the mail messages or to redirect them: we need to understand what this error menas and how to remove it.

Thanks a lot for the help


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Hello Riccardo,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

This could be an old Cronjob Schedule task of the previous Agent's build which is still configured instead of the new PHP script that had to be switched automatically in Crontab.

Please re-deploy the protection plan in the Backup Console to this Agent. If it does not help, please continue the investigation with the support team. 

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Thank you very much.

Please, how can I re-deploy the three existing plans? Must I revoke them and then reassign again? I cannot risk to delete the plans nor to loose the existing backup archives.

Thank you


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Hello Riccardo, 

That is correct. 

You must revoke and reapply the existing protection plans. 
There is no risk to the backups during this procedure. 

If you face any difficulties please reach out to our support team.