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Trying to calculate required licenses

Thread needs solution
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Hello Community,


I am new to Acronis Cyber Protection for Cloud (M365). I recently purchased some licenses but found that I didn't have enough to backup all the Groups, Public Folders, Site collections, Teams and Users.

I've asked Acronis sales to help me get the correct number of licenses but haven't received a straight answer that was helpful. I turn to you the community members that have experience to help me.

I really want to know what is the difference between a Group and a Team? When I check they both have the same names in both but I am told that the Team doesn't add to the license count but the group does. What is the difference to backup a group vs a team?

Currently I have the Site Collections, Teams and Users backed up properly according to my license count but need to know if I need to double it because of the groups.


Any help is appreciated.


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Hello Jason, 

Please refer to the following article for a full explanation on the licenses -

If you still face difficulties understanding please open a support case and we will happily proivde a more personalized explanation.

Thank you for your time.