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Unable to register with on prem system

Thread needs solution
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We are new to Acronis and thus far have been using the Cyber Protect Cloud portal.

As there are features only available in the "on-prem" version, we have installed this (on linux).

The problem we are having is that we are unable to register a device against it.


I have installed the Agent on a Windows laptop, and tried manually registering it on the command line, using the correct hostname (for our on-prem system) and with a sufficiently entitled user.

All firewall ports between the device and management server are open, but nothing happens.

The command exits without an error, and if I watch net traffic on the management server, I can see activity (so I know the laptop "talks" to our on-prem server).

But nothing... no new device is registered.


I have gone through the knowledgebase, but this problem doesn't appear to be addressed.


Any tips?

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thank you for your posting! I'd start with the troubleshooting steps outlined in 63130: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: troubleshooting Agent registration issues and shall the issue persist, open a support ticket for investigation. We'd need to examine the Agent's logs to see the real cause for the issue.