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Voting Forums for Feature Requests

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Dear Acronis Community,

we're thrilled to announce the new forum section called Voting Forums for Feature requests.

Why are we doing this?
- Direct communication with the target audience
- Gather feedback from Partners on which feature is more important
- Help us prioritize which feature to be developed first

While the Voting Forum is in the pilot stage, the points to vote have been added to the Acronis Partner accounts only. To check the number of the available voting points go to your personal forum account at

image 717

To vote for a feature

1. Open a topic with a feature description e.g.… 

2. Click on the Vote button

Definition for the statuses:

Approved : Feature request has been approved by the product management
Completed : Feature released
Declined : No plans to implement the feature
Need more details : New feature request, need more details on the use-case 
Planned : Existing feature request, assigned to a particular milestone
Under consideration : Existing feature request, but not in the product scope, collecting feedback (new feature requests, either from PM or posted by Partners)

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thank you!

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