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Windows Client Agent Updates - Why no notice?

Thread needs solution
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Windows Client Agent Updates - Why no notice?

Are we supposed to just guess when these are out?

15.0.29258 was out when?

15.0.29341 just showed up today


I still have to manually go thru all the clients and settings to see which one can auto update or manually log into each system, log into our portal and download the offline 1+gb installer and run it to do the update.  Most systems will not allow the customers to do web update file due to firewall restrictions.


This is not an infrastructure / enterprise solution to be tolerated by an MSP in my personal opinion.

The Feature request for reporting has been posted for this, can not come soon enough


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Hi Bill. 

Apologies for any incoveniences caused by the current version of the product. 
If there is anything we can individually assist with please open a case with our support team and we will happily check.