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Error downloading Remotix RDP VNC NEAR for Android (Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Connect Client) from Russia

Thread needs solution
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Error downloading Remotix RDP VNC NEAR for Android 
(new name Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Connect Client) 
purchased from Google Play Market from . 
Paid subscriptions are blocked for Russia. 
But the head of Acronis said that products will be available to people. 
How to download the apk file if I'm from Russia?
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Hello Taras,

thank you for your posting! I'm afraid the problem is currently on Google side (we didn't do anything to remove the app so it should normally be available for those who have already bought it previously). Unfortunately, we cannot distribute a free .apk. We continue working on restoring the app in the Google Play Store, however the decision is still on their side.