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Not able to use PowerShell on W2k22 Server

Thread needs solution
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Good day,

has anyone experienced the issue that not being able to type in PowerShell on Windows Server 2022 Desktop Exp.?

After connecting I am able to use the keyboard nearly everywhere, except powershell. Wether normal or as administrator, I am not able to type anything.

Command prompt works, but after switching to powershell-->nothing?!

UAC is disabled, Connect is v 1.1 build 24782

Rebooting both system makes no difference. I am absolutely... clueless.




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Hello Michael,

thank you for your posting! 

Could you clarify the OS in question and what components are used here (Agent\Quick connect)? 

Generally, we'd recommend raising a support ticket for this exact issue, so that our engineers can look into the log files to find the root cause.

How to collect the client's logs:

  • Go to Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Preferences > General
  • Enable the Write verbose logs option
  • Reproduce the issue
  • Go to the Preferences > General again
  • Click Open logs folder button to find the logs
  • Send the latest logs to Acronis Support.

How to collect Agent's logs (if installed)

  • Mac: at /Library/Logs/com.nulana.rxagentmac (service daemon logs) and ~/Library/Logs/com.nulana.rxagentmac​ (agent GUI and RC logs)
  • Windows: in the \Logs subfolder in the Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Agent installation folder (service daemon and RC logs) and in %APPDATA%\Remotix Agent (GUI logs)