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Sharing groups and group members on Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Team

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Good Day

It appears there is now way to create shared groups or share existing groups between the Admin of a Team and the team members.

The fact that this feature is missing removes one of the primary uses of ACPC (Remotix)

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Hello Sven,

thank you for your posting! Would you mind elaborating on how you expect this feature to work? Currently, you can  create an access group and add users to it, doesn't it fit your scenario? 

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Hello Ekaterina

I'm glad you ask. Here is my current problem with the new licensing structure and the Team


In the past I had one perpetual professional license for each of my colleagues and we shared one log in. For the sake of this explanation I will use ''

All was well as any group created would be displayed on all signed in Remotix clients and any devices added to any group would also be displayed on all clients.


When Remotix was acquired by Acronis, the perpetual licenses were discontinued and a subscription based plan was introduced. The subscriptions needed to be bought for the users email addresses. For this example I will be using: and


I went ahead and bought a subscription based license for remotix@, user1@ and user2@.


I then created a Team from the old primary account (remotix@) and added user1 and user2's emails.


All three can see all the added computers but user1 and user2 would have to manually re-create each group and manually add each computer to their intended group. And I would have to instruct each additional new user to do the same as the groups from the Primary Team owner do NOT get shared to Team members.


This reduces the usability of Remotix/ACPC to a point where I have to consider alternatives. We have over 500 devices on this platform so this would be a shame.


TLDR: Please implement group (and group member) sharing for members of a Team so that any Group & Group Member that the Team Owner has created will be shared to Team Members

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Hello Sven,

Thank you for sharing this feedback, I've created a feature request with ID RM-5716.