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SSL error and cannot connect when using VPN

Thread needs solution
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My server: Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Agent installed on MacOS 12.4 in my corp network

My client: Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Client running on my Windows10 laptop


1. If I launch the client on my Windows laptop without VPN connected, I have no problem connecting to my Acronis cloud account but I cannot connect to my server (Mac) because my server is inside VPN.

2. If I launch the client on my Windows laptop with VPN connected, I get "SSL error" and cannot connect anywhere.

I just started evaluating this product and got these problems.

I appreciate your help. Thanks.




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Hello Young Song,

thank you for your posting! I see that you have an open ticket with Acronis support. Would you mind sharing the outcome here for other users with a similar issue to find it? Thank you!