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Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office will not start

Thread needs solution
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Last week I purchased Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (ACPHO) from Acronis site. On my hard disk was already ATI-2016-WD Build33 (freeware) installed. This software clone only between Western Digital hard disk, but I want to clone mine WD hard disk to a Seagate hard disk, so installed ACPHO and accidentally I chose the wrong option. The installer had updated the ATI-2016-WD. I had to uninstall ATI-2016-WD first (but I didn't).

The problem is that ACPHO only comes in the first 'clone' screen (pic-1), shortly (1 sec) shows pic-2 and nothing else happens. There is nothing that I can select. The other tiles don't work either. The version of ACPHO is build 40173.

What to do?  Can I uninstall Acronis and reinstall the ACPHO again?

Thanks in advance


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Ed, I suggest uninstalling ACPHO and then running the Acronis cleanup tool to remove it completely. Then reinstall.

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Another Ditto

Installing ACPHO over a very old versions of ATI is not recommended. My recollection that for ACHO is that it is only recommended if ATI 2021, 2020 or 2019 is installed.


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Hello all,

I have carefully read the entire procedure on how to uninstall ACPHO, but something is still not clear to me.

In my program folder I have the file Uninstall.exe. If I activate it, do I have to use the Cleanup Utility afterwards?

If I read in Acronis Cleanup Utility (40366);

image 974

-If 1 succeeds then I don't have to do anything else.

-If 1, 2, and 3 don't work then I have to use 4.

At point 4: Cleanup Utility (48668) I read the use of regedit. To adjust something in the registers I always get very careful (rather not).

Why my hesitation?

Because windows 10 does not want to update, I want to clone the original hard disk so that I can find out why on this clone. I always want to be able to take a step back in a process.

So my question;

If point 1 succeeds now, do I still have to use the cleanup utility?

I appreciate all help


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Hello Ed,

in my experience, running a MS fixit tool helps to avoid issues with the app remnants that might be left after a common uninstall procedure. Additionally, we always recommend creating a full system backup prior using a cleanup utility, just to be on a safe side.