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Cleanly uninstall 2021?

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I uninstalled 2021, want to downgrade to 2018.  However, uninstalling didn't seem to complete.  The Acronis folder was left behind, renamed that, but seems settings are still in the registry.

When I go to install 2018, it says the latest version is already installed and there is no way to proceed.  However, 2021 is not in the programs list to uninstall.

Is there some way to cleanup settings left behind after an partial (apparently) uninstall?

Thank you


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Sean, get the Acronis cleanup tool and run that. It should go through and delete all the residue.

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Sean, you can (in my experience) ignore the editing of the registry. Only do so if you subsequently have problems.


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Bruno-- I found the cleanup tool in another thread shortly after I posted, but my message was still in moderation.

The tool was able to solve the problem.

Your response was the solution, but is marked as "didn't help" and I can't seem to change it.  I'm not familiar with this forum software.

Thank you


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BrunoC wrote:

Sean, get the Acronis cleanup tool and run that. It should go through and delete all the residue.   The clean up tool didn't work for me, but there is still instances of ATI 2021 on my system preventing me from installing a previous version of ATI that actually worked.  I am trying to clone my C drive before it stops working and dealing with ATI 2021 is pissing me off!

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Any ideas when the clean up tool fails to remove ATI 2021?  Upon trying to install a previous version that works, it keeps telling me to uninstalling ATI version 25.10.39287 Basically ATI 2021

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David, what actual steps have you taken here?

The correct approach should be:

Use the Control Panel > Programs & Features to uninstall ATI 2021 normally.

Run the Acronis Cleanup Tool from an Administrator account to remove any residual files / data.

Restart the computer to complete the cleanup action.

If you are intending to reinstall ATI, then there is no need to touch the Windows Registry as per the Cleanup tool KB documentation.

If you want to double check that all is uninstalled, then look at the following:

Acronis folders.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Acronis
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis
C:\Program Files\Acronis
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis

Left over .sys and .dll files at C:\Windows\System32 and C:\Windows\System32\Drivers.
Look for files starting with snap that may have a number in them.
Something like snapxxxx.dll or snapxxxx.sys.
Where xxxx would represent a build number of True Image.

Please be very careful when removing any Windows system files / drivers or registry entries!

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My first effort was to use Windows Programs & Features from an Administrator- that failed

I then attempted to launch the ATI 2021 Installation it gave 2 options 'Repair' or 'Uninstall' - Beginning the uninstall, it comes back saying it failed and provides a web link that states 'Parameters are not valid'

I then tried to run the clean up tool to remove ATI 2021 as Administrator and the only Acronis Program found was Acronis Scheduler 2 Service - so I followed all on screen prompts only to find ATI 2021 still on the system.

I have attached the error and the corresponding web link

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