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External SSD not recognized

Thread needs solution
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Hi i'm using 970 EVO PLUS NVMe M.2 PCI-E x4 SSD, 2TB inside a ROG STRIX ARION M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD Enclosure.


System recognizes it fine but my ATI 2021 doesn't. Tried adding a new disk it doesn't see it either. When in backup I can pick it from the folder list. But it won't recognize via the wizards, and diskclone, which i what i'm wanting to do keeps saying there isn't a drive installed.


Thoughts? (all drivers etc have been updated, running W10)

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David, if your intention here is to upgrade an existing NVMe M.2 SSD with this new 2TB SSD, then I would recommend using Backup & Recovery instead of using Cloning.

Anytime that you introduce a NVMe enclosure into the equation, there is also another disk controller and potential issues due to drivers etc.

See forum topic: Steve migrate NVMe SSD where I have documented (with images) the process that I have used multiple times for my own laptops using Backup & Recovery. 

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Have a look at this link and see if this helps  Click here


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Thanks guys. So the two issues I have are:

1. I does show up in windows, and the software will see it for a backup. (Want to clone not backup).

2. It doesn't show up in the software except when doing a back up. So I can't add a new disk or make a bootable recovery partition on it.


It worked fine with my old seagate drive, I just found that when I had a catastrophic error the other day and did the recover it was super slow and painful to use. (took over 18 hours to do the recovery.) So I wanted a much faster SSD option. I've already purchased the drive it's just not selectable from the software.



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Ok update, buddy who tested it and sent me the drive said try a different port.. lo and behold. Sucks it only recognizes it on the USB2 port and not the USB3 port. As a funny side point my current external gaming drive which is a Cuda is recognized by the software. So after a speed test I might swap the new SSD for the old one as the clone/gaming drives.