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how to exclude many similar sub-sub-subfolders of the same name from backup

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Wrote this question by mistake already somewhere else, think it should be on its own:

I want to save ONE folder sitting in a disk's root.

This folder contains 100+ subfolders (growing a bit each week), and each of them contains three to five sub-subfolders.

Each of those again contains multiple sub-sub-subfolders, whereas always two of them are named "cache" and "trash".

How to backup this one folder and all its subfolders, but exclude ALL sub-sub-subfolders named "cache" and "trash" - without having to manually DE-select 800+ folders under backup options? (and without having to adjust the to-backup-list each week) ?

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Ronny, welcome to these public User Forums.

When using a Files & Folders backup task there is no way to do what you ask if the cache & trash sub-folders are being automatically included in the Source selection for the task.

Acronis does not allow any folder selected in the source to be then excluded in the options.

To continue with using Files & Folders, then you would need to see if you can exclude the specific files that get put in those folders, i.e. using such as *.cache if those files used that file extension?

The alternative would be to use a Disks & Partitions backup task which would allow you to set exclusions using wildcard characters, i.e. as shown in the default exclusions where you see a path ending in cache\*  - you may be able to use *\cache\* in that task?

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Thank you for your answer

Actually I found a solution, at least somehow - it works as long as the folders to omit keep appearing at the same hierarchy level. I created a disk backup, and as it looks it is possible to exclude all occurrences of the same subfolder name by adding multiple wildcards as path.

Under exclusions I added



which does exclude ALL "cache"-folders as long as they are nested four (sub-)folders deep and ALL "trash"-folders as long as they are nested two (sub-)folders deep.

I assume it would easily be possible to prepare for several nesting-levels (f:\cache / f:\*\cache / f:\*\*\cache / f:\*\*\*\cache / f:\*\*\*\*\cache) to be ready for different nesting, but I don't need that..

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Ronny thanks for posting this information. I was wondering if such an approach can work, and now thanks to you I know.