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Thread needs solution
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After supporting Acronis for many years purchasing there software, Disk Director True images etc. none of which is supported anymore when I login, I'm now at the stage of almost giving up with Acronis !!


Once a professional company with credible software products, Now all I see is cloud this and cloud that, bloat ware when installed.

Even my purchased version of true image 2020 could not clone my samsung ssd 870 evo boot drive to a new Crucial CT1000P5PSSD8 NVM drive ??

Did the clone from SSD to NVM drive, windows booted then black screen at login, workstation restarted, ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE 2020 what a total waste of space.

Downloaded the trial of Macrium reflect and this did the job perfectly




1) I do not want any yearly forced subscription to any software including Acronis. I will Never Never Never pay a yearly subscription. Its down to me when I want to renew my purchased software ... NOT ACRONIS !!

I ALSO DO NOT WANT ACRONIS TO FORCE CLOUD STORAGE ON ME EITHER, let's keep our backups local, much much better, much cheaper and much much safer too ... just my thoughts  hmmm oh and don't have to keep paying Acronis yearly costs, gues this is a win win situation ?

2) How comes my purchased version of true image can NOT ever image a SSD to NVM drive ??? poor show?

3) Most people do not want to image there hard drive to Acronis Cloud, in the old days we kept safe images locally on our own storage !! Why does Acronis think its ok to keep force charging there storage each year. I don't want it ??


4) I don't want to rent your cloud storage each year!! this is so wrong to force this type of product, you should let people have the choice !


5) I don't want all the boat ware rubbish that's installed with true image either, just require a simple program that does not bog down the workstation with crap services and bloatware, to image and clone drives, what has happened to Acronis OMG ??


6) simply want a bloat free professional imaging tool that works, unlike the last version I purchased TRUE IMAGE 2020


7) sadly it would seem Acronis is destroying its original customer base with yearly costs of what they think people want !!! wrong people do NOT want to pay each year, we want to buy software once as it was the case years ago


8) So im guessing It's time to part company with Acronis and find a professional software package that's not TOY TOWN (cloud backup rubbish) and for the serious engineer who want to image drives and clone drives locally.


9) it's a crying shame to see Acronis go down this ameritrash route with there software, use to be a very professional product that I trusted 10 years ago


Such a shame from a long time loyal customer of many many years



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Acronis Support
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Dear John Heritage,
Thank you for reaching out and being with us so many years. 
Could you please describe the problem why couldn't you clone your machine? 
We are always eager to help our beloved customers.

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unfortunately, he's not the only one unhappy with this product i can handle the subscription that doesn't really bother me i can still backup to my Network Drive  BUT once you do away with that I'm out  Like John I do not like putting my info on a cloud PERIOD.   as for the problems NOTHING WORKS EVERYTHING CRASHES.   Right now I'm making a backup to see if it will work right before I bought and paid for  the Cyber Protection  I made a backup with ATI 2016 so like John   to Clone my new SSD drive to install in my New HP LapTop this is great like John it crashes on Clone start okay so I have to install new drive in the New HP Laptop then run Clone through a USB drive case from old drive and cross my finger that it MIGHT WORK   SCARY okay this is fine I'll check and make sure I can access my Backup file right before I started all this    I can't even access the backup file that I made before once again IT CRASHES TRYING to access them    so yes there is many problems and CRASHING ISSUES MAJOR as for I've sent tons of crash reports but I guess nobody looks at them either because there should be 2 dozen of has been absolutely USELESS Product    

Just Like John i've been a faithful ATI owner since 2009 never had any problems what so ever  

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Cloning can be a challenging process, particularly when you are using a laptop computer. Check out the guidance in 2931: How to clone a laptop hard drive. In particular, not that it is recommended to remove the old drive, install the new drive, then do the clone. Before doing the clone, make a full backup of the disk. Many of us prefer to backup then recover to the new drive rather than clone. Things can go wrong with clone process. Also, ATI 2016 is getting long in the tooth; it may have issues dealing with modern hardware, particularly if you are using Linux based recovery media.

If the new drive is a Western Digital model, you can download the OEM version which is a relatively modern build; it will (if I recall correctly) allow creation or Windows RE recovery media, which will include all necessary drivers; it can be downloaded via this www page


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well I'm to the point nothing works everything crashes. so for a last ditch effort I made a backup just for giggles so I thought i can make a BRAND NEW FULL BACKUP of this here NEW HP Laptop then I'll do some testing and try the way everybody to clone a new drive take old one out and install new one then run recovery and then clone   okay no problem can try then BUT i want to check and make sure ACP will see the Band New Backup that I made with ACP on a network Drive CRASHES CRASHES CRASHES so nope I'm done how do I get refund for this piece of CRAP now BECAUSE NOTHING WORK EXCEPT THE BACKUP BUT I CAN'T ACCESS THEM ONCE THEY'RE BACKUP USELESS TO ME      

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I had a lot of problems when upgrading from 2021 to ACHPO. Especially with trying to take a smaller drive that was upgraded to Windows 11, where Windows 11 put the recovery partition after the c:NTFS partition. When trying to go to the larger drive the ACHPO flash drive made from a downloaded .iso wouldn't recognize my tibx's (even ones made from ACHPO-40173). I had to use the 2021 flash drive to recognize tibx's on USB drives made from ACHPO. Anyway, here is how I was able to overcome it.  I don't use cloud anything and just keep secondary drives in my PCs both laptop and desktop for backups or use USB drives. Perhaps this will help as I went from SSDs to NVME M.2 in an HP17t and an Acer Spin5 as well as HPE1360 (no TPM) and Toshiba L855 (no TPM) with Windows 11 using only local accounts.

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you shouldn't have to jump through hoop and loops to make this work I've never had to before why now?  the PDF. is very informative BUT damn i'm not an IT guy I could spend all week trying to do all that while before it was hit button and walk and let ATI do it's thing and come back and it works.     WHEN I SAY THIS IS A PIECE OF CRAP it is CRAP nothing works I've all ready moved over to Macrium and it worked just like the ATI use to so WHY DO WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS CRAP????