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2021 unbelievably slow and has logged coding errors

Thread needs solution
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Installed latest 39620 build on an Intel i5 tower with backup to WD Passport external drive. This replaced TI 2015 (which was fully uninstalled) which worked fine. 

2021 performance is utterly glacial, especially with the Calculating time….  Message displayed.

A 80GB full-disk backup took two-and-a-half hours, and I am not sure that Validation was even attempted (see the log below). After Priority changed to Low, I would expect to see:

Create Backup Archive

and after backup completion:

Validate Backup Archive

neither of which appear.

So in spite of the ‘Operation has succeeded’ message, I cannot be sure it has, although a standalone Validation ran with no errors.

And since I understand perhaps wrongly that backup_worker was invoked for cloud backups (which I am not doing), why does appear at all in the log and why, according to Windows, is it still consuming CPU and disk accesses throughout the backup?

2021-09-18T20:52:55:207+01:00 12944 I00000000: -----

2021-09-18T20:52:55:207+01:00 12944 I00000000: ATI Demon started. Version:

2021-09-18T20:52:55:404+01:00 12944 I00640000: Backup reserve copy attributes: format tib; need_reserve_backup_copy false;

2021-09-18T20:52:55:406+01:00 12944 I00640002: Operation FULL ACRONIS 2021 started manually.

2021-09-18T20:52:55:644+01:00 12944 I00640000: Backup reserve copy attributes: format tib; need_reserve_backup_copy false;

2021-09-18T20:52:55:646+01:00 12944 I013C0000: Operation: Backup

2021-09-18T20:52:55:647+01:00 12944 I0064000B: Priority changed to Low.

2021-09-18T20:53:00:786+01:00 12944 E00000000: Can't read slices: Error 0x40011: The specified file does not exist.

| line: 0xaa33a143c434a604

| file: c:\jenkins_agent\workspace\ati-main-win-ati\62\home\backup_worker\impl\backup_worker.cpp:182

| function: `anonymous-namespace'::ReturnCodeToError

| line: 0xaa33a143c434a604, c:\jenkins_agent\workspace\ati-main-win-ati\62\home\backup_worker\impl\backup_worker.cpp:182, `anonymous-namespace'::ReturnCodeToError

| $module: ti_demon_vs_39216


| error 0x40011: The specified file does not exist.

| line: 0xc8d8731ce106f9c2

| file: c:\jenkins_agent\workspace\ati-main-win-ati\62\archive\ver3\adapter\error.cpp:52

| function: `anonymous-namespace'::ConvertArchive3Error

| line: 0xc8d8731ce106f9c2, c:\jenkins_agent\workspace\ati-main-win-ati\62\archive\ver3\adapter\error.cpp:52, `anonymous-namespace'::ConvertArchive3Error

| $module: archive3_adapter_vs_39216

2021-09-18T22:35:01:180+01:00 12944 I013C0006: Operation has succeeded.

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Any full disk backup performed using ATI 2020, 2021 or ACPHO uses .tibx files and records events in the Backup Worker logs with just very brief entries written to the TI_Demon logs.

If you use the MVP Assistant tool this will show you the Backup Worker log contents.