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ACPHO 40107 Rescue Media Linux-Based Media not booting in legacy mode

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ACPHO 40107 Rescue Media Linux-Based Media will not boot in legacy mode:

Looks like linux-based rescue media legacy boot is not working. UEFI can boot ok but if you boot in legacy then you get: An operating system wasn't found. Try disconnecting any drives that don't contain an operating system. Press any key to restart.

You think they would test this before releasing. However, Win-RE, Win-PE & W7-PE based rescue media is working in legacy boot mode so I guess I'll go with that from now on. Thankfully I don't really have to worry about 32 bit mode anymore...

Tried 2 different keys on different computers. I think booting in legacy mode with the linux-based recovery media is kind of important otherwise they should have a message saying legacy boot is no longer supported in linux-based recovery media.

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