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Backup and Recovery very slow

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I'm trying out the Cyber Protection Home Office.

what I found out, the Backup is very slow and unfortunately I had to 'try' the recovery as well...
the Backup is about 500GB and it needed 6 hours for the recovery :-(

The first backup I did not check the time, but the new backup needs 5½ hours as well.

External Disc USB 3.0
Internal Disc is SSD (SATA)

how could I make it faster?

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Roland, welcome to these public User Forums.

Sorry but difficult to say whether the backup time you are seeing is very slow or should be expected depending on the configuration settings chosen and the mix of data involved etc?

Splitting the backup into smaller source selections can help though this means having more backup tasks.

Leaving the default configuration settings, in particular those for Performance & Compression tend to work best at their default values.

If you are including data which is already in a highly compressed format such as videos, photos, music etc, then Acronis will waste time trying to achieve more compression.

The backup and recovery times shown initially in the main GUI are often inaccurate and may suggest a much longer time will be needed but are adjusted as Acronis works with the actual data and establishes what the performance is that can be achieved.  It may initially say 5 hours but then change to half that time before reducing a lot further as more data is processed.

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Thank you Steve for your answer.


i was not talking about estimated time...

when i did the restore it showed me always times around the 2 hours
the restore needed 6(!!!) hours :-(((

Backup and validation also each 5,5 to 6 hours!

all the settings are default.

It was a full backup of  C:\

what could i do to make this faster? - especially the restore (if needed again)

low or no compression?
priority normal or high (if this would have an effect for Restore)?

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Looking at your screenshot the performance looks to be what I would expect from a backup to a consumer grade external disk.  Can you give details on your external disk beyond it being an 8TB disk such as brand and model?

Your screenshot shows a little over 22 megabytes per second when it was captured and I believe that is typical of most USB 3.0 large capacity disks on the market today.  Putting what info we have to numbers works out like this:

500 GB total data size

224 megabits per second transfer speed

Estimated total time to complete = 4.96 hours

So given what you posted Acronis is delivering what you are experiencing. 

You could try attaching the external disk to a USB 3.0 port on the back plate of the PC if you have a desktop PC.  This can help as case mounted ports are usually a bit slower than those mounted directly on the motherboard.

I use large capacity (6+ TB) USB 3.0 Super Speed enclosures which have a rated 5Gbps maximum transfer rating.  I couple those to an onboard port of the same Super Speed spec and use high quality cables.  Depending on data type I can achieve upwards of 170 megabytes per second with an average of around 120 mega bytes per second.  To get there you must make sure that all hardware is USB 3.0 spec and capable of doing that and the drive you use should be of Data center or Enterprise quality with large 256MB caches.  If not then your performance will suffer.  In doing this the backup of 500 GB takes approximately 1.16 hours.

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hello Enchantech,


thanks a lot for your answer :-)

I found out, that there was a problem with the USB driver and...

I don't know how it came - the disc was clearly connected to the wrong port :-/

the benchmark shows now the triple speed :-)))

I'm so thankful

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Glad to hear the issue is solved.  Often times it is the little things that are overlooked at issue :-)