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Bare metal restores of .tibx files

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Some time ago I created a Win PE bare-metal restore DVD with the TI 2020 plugin.

The TI 2020 version was an update of a previous version and created .tib (and not .tibx) files for all full backups.

I also have TI 2021 installed elsewhere and it produces .tibx files for full backups.

Will my DVD restore a .tibx file or do I have to create and burn a new one with a new "tib plus tibx" TI plugin?  

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Sorry but all ATI 2020 rescue media should create .tibx files for any full disk backups and only use .tib files for Files & Folders backups.  If your TI 2020 DVD doesn't create .tibx files then it should not be used for such files.

Typically Acronis will only guarantee backwards compatibility between files created by different versions of ATI, so the recommendation would always be to use the latest ATI rescue media version, i.e. 2021 (or ACPHO most recently).

Not sure where the reference to plugins comes from here - the last one that I recall was that called BartPE for much earlier versions of ATI.  All the recent versions of ATI do not use any plugins and are capable of creating 3 different types of rescue media.

For the ATI 2018 & later version rescue media, there are 3 different versions available:
Simple:  created based on your Windows Recovery Environment for WinPE media.
Advanced: created based on Windows ADK (or AIK for earlier OS versions) - WinPE media.
Advanced: created based on a small Linux distro OS (BusyBox) or created from the .ISO CD image download from your Acronis Account page.

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As usual, I agree with Steve Smith.

It is always best to use recovery media created by the current version and build of ATI that you have. You may wish to retain old builds of the recovery media as sometimes newer versions have unexpected problems that are not in older version. I have an archive of iso of Linux recovery media going back to ATI 2013 - not sure that I will ever need it but it gives me a level of reassurance.

If the PC has a spare USB 3 port I would use a USB 3 flash drive rather than a DVD as it will be much faster to load.