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How to disable Cyber Protection Service?

Thread needs solution
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I don't need cyber protection, I just need backup (this was a TIB upgrade)

I've disabled protection within the app, but the service is still running. It's also protected behind the system account (I assume) so I can't disable it. 

Just to be clear, I'm not asking anything other than HOW to disable it. Thanks.

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John, Acronis have set the new Cyber Protection services to be unstoppable with other processes used to ensure that they stay running!

All you can do is to use the option in the Protection settings panel to 'Turn off protection permanently' but recognise that this will still leave the background services running though they should not interfere with your chosen security application or have any significant impact on performance etc.

The above was true for ATI 2021 too and has been 'hardened' in ACPHO to try to prevent these services from being stopped!

As with any application there are ways of hacking the product to disable features but doing so will remove any option of getting Acronis to support you in the event of encountering any issues with the other features you are using!

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Thanks again Steve.