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recovery mit bootmedium

Thread needs solution
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Recovery mit bootmedium funktioniert nicht mehr!
Es erscheint die Meldung "ein neustart des computers ist erforderlich"
Und dann "Atempt to use null reference" (0x10001)
Ich habe mehrere backups probiert und auch prüfen lassen.

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Bernd wrote:

Recovery with boot medium no longer works!
The message 'a restart of the computer is required' appears
And then 'Attempt to use null reference' (0x10001)
$ module = 'trueimg_home_pevsa64_39216'
I tried several backups and had them checked.

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The last time I saw this issue with the "Attempt to use null reference" it was caused by the computer being overclocked and resolved when this was removed (if I remember correctly!).

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Hello Bernd,

there is also a known issue where recovery fails with "Attempt to use null reference" under WinPE, if BitLocker-encrypted disk is connected. 

1) use Linux-based media
2) disconnect Bitlocker-encrypted disk before booting the bootable media.