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Acronis Disc Director Windows Crash

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I tried to format my flash and compound parts of it using ADD. ADD asked to restart computer and my windows doesn’t start. Instead of it there is Acronis Disc Director message «Exiting Autopart». Then computer restarts and opens recovery mode. But when i tried to restore to defaults, there is a message, that i don’t have enough space on my disc. I found on the Internet that deleting autopart.exe may help but when i open cmd there is path X:\windows\System32 and there is no such file there. So windows doesn’t starts and doesn’t recover. Please help!

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sorry to know about the situation..Do you have a backup of your data? Recovery from the backup would be the easiest way to get back the partition D. If not, you may want to try the built-in utility Acronis Recovery Expert (helps to recover accidentally lost or deleted volumes on basic MBR disks) Check out the chapter 7.2 Acronis Recovery Expert of the attached userguide