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Adding DD11 to existing WinPE image

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Anybody managed to add DD11 to an existing WinPE image?

I had an existing bootable USB memory stick that already had TrueImage 2011 on it. I wanted to add DD11 to it. So I ran the Media Builder and selected WinPE with the "use WinPE files located in the folder I specify" option. On the next dialog I pointed to my existing wim file. No go: "The selected folder does not contain the required WinPE files".

I tried all kinds of variations on the theme but couldn't get the "use WinPE files located in the folder I specify" option to work, even when I pointed to the default wim file (C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\x86\winpe.wim). Only "Create WinDows PE 2.0 or 3.0 automatically" worked for me. But I don't want Acronis to build WinPE for me. I've built WinPE on my own steam and I only want to add the Acronis tools to it. Worked great with TrueImage Plus Pack. TI PlusPack and DD11 both come with a Media Builder and they look very much alike, both have the option to either build a new WinPE or use an existing WinPE, except that DD11's option to use an existing WinPE appears to be broken.

In the end, the workaround that I found is copy my existing wim file to C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\x86, call it winpe.wim and use the "Create WinDows PE 2.0 or 3.0 automatically" option. So I achieved my goal in the end - build my own WinPE, then add both TI and DD to it - but it was via a rather tortuous path...

My Acronis products are the latest versions, installed on Win7 X64.

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Anybody managed to add DD11 to an existing WinPE image?

... no, but: ati-h-2011 add to a WinPE-ISO-Image with add-11-h was possible.

Sorry for my english (i'm a german), a detailed description of 'my work' is in my post in 5690: Deutsches Support Forum, Sun, 2011-07-24 12:35 (in German).

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After some more trial & error, I got a better understanding of the Acronis Media Builders. I decided that there are enough ambiguities in the Acronis documentation to make it worth my while to document a few things. I hope that the attached document ("Creating a bootable USB memory stick with Acronis TrueImage and Disk Director") may help a few people who try some of the same things.

Here are some of the things that I believe are not adequately covered by the Acronis product manuals or knowledge base articles:
1. The Acronis media builder tools take you all the way to creating an ISO file from which to burn a CD. But if you want a bootable USB memory stick, you need to work out the last few steps for yourself.
2. If you want both Disk Director and TrueImage on the same bootable media, you may get there in the end, but only after some some fun & games.
3. If you're trying to add Disk Director and/or TrueImage to an existing WinPE image, you may find the documentation as well as the Media Builder GUIs a bit confusing, with a few hidden assumptions.

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Thank you for the work that you did to document your efforts at making a more useful WinPE environment. I'm saving a copy to help with a future WinBuilder project that will include DD 11 and TI 2012.

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Hello all,

Thank you all for your comments and valuable assistance.

Jan, I want to thank you for your efforts and I wanted to let you know that I have sent your manual to our KB team so that we can help include your guide in our resources.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Thank you.