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Always have to restart in safe mode after partitions resized.

Thread needs solution
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I'm using DD12 (build 12.0.96) on Windows 10 21H2 (build 19044.1766)

When I resize a partition (not the boot partition), I always have to restart in safe mode.

Here's some more info...

I have a mixture of SSD's and HDD's. One of them is a 2TB HDD which is split in to three partitions as Drive X (used for temporary data only), Drive M (used for Music only), Drive Y (used exclusively as the destination for my Acronis NSB task).

Once in a while drive Y (NSB destination) shows approx 20GB free left. So I use DD to shrink X and resize Y.

This all goes smoothly and relatively quickly.

However upon restart, Windows wont load and I'm left with a spining circle of dots that doesn't progress. I have to restart to get out of it. Then Windows does a disk check on drive C (why drive C??) and completes to 100% and again I'm left with a spining circle of dots that doesnt progress. Upon the third restart Automatic Startup Repair launches and is unable to resolve the issue. From the suggested options I choose startup options and select 4) Safe mode. Upon the next restart I'm prompted for my password and Windows loads in safe mode. I then restart  and can sign in normally and carry on as if nothng happened.

Any ideas why I always have to go through this little dance routine just because i resized two partitions?

Thanks for any info.



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Dear customer,
recommend installing the latest version of the disk director:
If the issue reproduces, please contact support for investigation: