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Any hope for data recovery after unsuccessful partition recovery?

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Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong forum.

I was running WIn 10 on my Lenovo laptop when it froze. I tried a hard reboot. 

Win 10 would not load and the laptop froze at the Lenovo logo.

A friend ran Acronis Disk Director on the HDD for me and "recovered" 2 partitions. Now the HDD (in external case) is unreadable even though the drive seems to be recognized.

The typical message I see is:   [Drive Letter]:\ is not accessible
The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error

Is there any hope of ever recovering any data from the HDD?

If so, what can I do?


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Hello Don,

If you don't have any backup to restore from, you may want trying to retrieve data with the help of the third-party data recovery tools (check on web, there are several guides on the websites of the tools vendors). Acronis also offers one called Acronis Revive 2019 

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Thanks.  I tried the demo of Revive to see if it would find any files before buying the full program but it seems unable to find anything.