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Anyway to convert MBR to GPT on main drive?

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I saw that Disk Director v11 can convert from MBR to GPT on drives. I was looking to start using UEFI on my Lenovo T420 laptop. But to use UEFI I need to have a GPT based Hard Drive to boot from. But looking around there is no simple way without data loss. So I ran across the Acronis information and knowledge base articles that said it can be done so I got it.

Now when I launch it I cannot convert the main drive (which in my case is my 120gb SSD) to GPT. It only gives me the option of Convert to Dynamic. My 2nd HDD (in the ultrabay) which is a 500GB has the option of Convert to GPT.

How come the 2nd drive can support it but the main drive with my Windows7 implementation wont?

I even tried to create a boot media and boot from the USB I made thinking maybe it cant be done inside Windows, so launched off the boot media and same thing, still cant convert to gpt on the SSD.

Or is it just that it cannot be done on the main drive or the fact that it knows it an SSD?


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It's not just converting disk scheme to GPT - proper change of boot scheme to UEFI requires creation of ~200 MB UEFI system partition and other things. Note that ADD doesn't support UEFI-based systems (and most likely conversion of system volume to GPT is blocked for this reason, because simply converting to GPT will render the system non-bootable). ABR11 and True Image Home 2012 can convert boot scheme to UEFI ( by backing up the existing system, switching computer boot mode to UEFI, booting from linux-based media and recovering )