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Can I create an image of a disk or not?

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I want to boot from bootable media (usb drive) tell acronis disk director 12 to take the hard drive in a system, and make a "snapshot" or "iso" or whatever you call it, and put that file on another usb drive. This way, if my machine fails, I have an image so I can replace the drive, boot from the bootable media again, and tell acronis to use the snapshot, iso file to write onto the new drive, then reboot off the new drive, and the system never notices the difference.

Is this done via cloning? do I attach the replacement hard drive to the machine via usb & "clone" the current hd to the externally attached unit? 

Can I do this with disk director 12?


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Hello Scott,

Welcome to Acronis user forums! Sure, you can accomplish your task via cloning. Take a look at the following sources, that provide more detailed information on cloning best practices:

Acronis Disk Director 12: Disk Cloning

Cloning Best Practices