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Cannot create PE Recoverymedium with DiskDirektor 12 Build 3297 and Windows 10 with AIK 1703

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I can't create  a WinPE Recoverymedium in Diskdirector 12 Build 3297, because the Recoverytool can't find my installed AIK. I use the latest Version of the AIK for Windows 10 Creaters Update (1703) The link in the tool download an older Version of the AIK.  Besides all avaibled Options to select a method to find a installed AIK (such as select Manual AIK path) are all greyed out. So I don't have any Chance to create a PE-Recovery-Medium. I hope the next Update fix this Problem.

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Hello Three of Twelve,

Thank you for your posting! According to the information in our internal resources the issue has been reproduced by our QA and support of ADK 1703 will be added in the future version of Acronis Disk Director. Currently, it's recommended to use ADK for Windows 10 version 1607.