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Thread needs solution
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Hi, I just purchased and installed Disk Director 12.5. I want to clone a basic disk. The program correctly recognizes the two basic disks that I have (one for source, the other for target), but when I right-click on the disk that will be cloned, I do not see a "clone basic disk" action listed. The only choices displayed are "convert to dynamic", "clean up disk", and "edit disk". How do I access the clone basic disk function? Thanks for any help!

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Hello David,

cloning is not available for basic GPT drives, only for MBR

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Win10 64

Acronis Disk Director 12.5

Ich wollte Basis-Laufwerk klonen,

habe es aus dem Fensterbereich Aktionen ausgewählt.

Dann habe ich Ziellaufwerk ausgewählt und

die ausstehenden Aktion ausführen lassen.

Es kam eine Meldung: „ Neustart erforderlich“.

Nach Neustart nichts passiert

ich habe es mehrmals gemacht

Nach Neustart nichts passiert.

Danke für jede Hilfe!

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Hello Grigory,

thank you for your posting! In order to find the root cause for the issue, the investigation with the help of Acronis support engineers is required. If you have a valid support contract, I'd recommend raising a support ticket for this issue.

As the workaround, I'd suggest trying to accomplish your task from the WinPE-bootable media

Please also take a read of the following article