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Clone in Win 7?

Thread needs solution
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Have the latest build of ADD12 and trying to clone a Win7 Pro OS. Have done this many times over the years with different
versions of ADD

-ADD12 installs without incident
-ADD12 loads without incident
-ADD12 takes the clone command and acts like all is good
-ADD12 reboots the system just like it should once command is 'committed'

But, Win7 boots right back into Windows and ignores the clone command

-Uninstalled ADD12, rebooted
-Cleaned registry, rebooted
-Reinstalled ADD12, rebooted

But... same result. It will not clone. 

Quite a mystery!

Any help would be highly appreciated!



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Please don't clone from Windows or ever attempt to do a full disk or partition restore from Windows either.  What Acronis is doing when you allow this is for Acronis to overwrite the Windows bootloader with Acronis, reboot your machine and boot to the new bootloader which points to the Acronis linux recovery media that is copied to your main drive first.  

You're lucky that it's just failing to start, but hasn't rendered your computer unbootable since it is failing to properly start.

What you should do, is create your rescue media and boot to that instead.  This is the same linux enviornment, but avoids the bootloader modification when starting from Windows.  If your rescue media, can't boot, or if it doesn't detect yoru hard drive, then at least your OS is not being modified in the process.  Linux media may fail to boot if there is a driver incompatibility (often found if you are using a SATA mode of RAID in the bios), or if you have disk encryption, or possibly a bios setting such as "secure boot enabled" which is common in new UEFI systems - this specifically prevents third party bootloaders from running when it is enabled.

Long story short - use your rescue media to start the process to be safe and see if it is even working correctly or not.

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Thanks for the good advice. Had done this several times before with XP without issue... but Win7 evidently is different :-)
Found EaseUS Backup trial worked fine and was 50% faster than Acronis.